Mythic Revolutions A001 Book Released

Special English-Greek Edition- August, 2018

This Basic Rule Book (A001) of the Role Playing Game (RPG) “Mythic Revolutions” is published in a special edition for both English and Greek languages. Its campaign is set in the period of the Greek Revolution of 1821 and the first settlement years in Australia during the same period (early 19th century).

Mythic Revolutions” world is based on the “Heroes and Mythos – d6 system” offering a set of rules that are easy to learn for a quick start in this game, while they are at the same time satisfying for more demanding and experienced RPG players.

In this book (A001) 23 ready-to-play Heroes and Heroines are included along with a set of complete rules for a player to create their own Hero from scratch, choosing among 144 Talents.

This first special edition is a flip book with 196+196 pages in greek and english language, while its campaign is basically oriented to English-speaking members of the greek communities all over the world.

This role playing game also consists a special educational tool with its first series to be set in the historical periods of the late 18th and early 19th century, a period of great revolutions that changed the world to the core.