A pioneering RPG affiliated in a pseudo-historical environment, in a prodigious revolutionary era (18nth – 19nth century), where significant historical events and personae intertwine with the supernatural!

The backbone of “Mythical Revolutions” is based upon the Heroes d6 System©, a system tested for years by dozens of experienced RPG players in Greece, which can be used in any pseudo-historical or fantasy setting (Mythic Greece, Egypt, China and Atlantis, Medieval Europe and Asia, World War I and II, etc.).

The “Mythic Revolutions” campaign was chosen as a starting point since it is referring to a period in time where the heroic element coexists with technological advancements, and fiction with the questioning of supernatural faith!

In literature the heroic archetype of the «Byronic Character» was conceived at that time, inspired by Lord Byron, Count Dracula by Bram Stoker and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. It was a period in time when Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer was spreading the art of hypnotism in many European lounges, thousands of psychics where seeking the crossing line to worlds beyond and in the still unexplored by westerners America young Indians were listening to the whispers of the Manitou, seeking to choose the heroic path of their lives!

In “Mythic Revolutions” players can impersonate fictional Heroes who may encounter famous historical personalities during their adventures, revive epoch-making events or do battle in wondrous mythic quests!

The Supernatural establishes its presence in the game through the legends and the folklore of each era. A Hero’s prayer may have the power to affect the outcome of a situation, can accept the protection and guidance of a Saint or obtain a blessed weapon! Fairies and nymphs are hiding in the woods and evil witches unleash their curses, torturing whole regions. Cursed warriors haunt old castles, ghosts of raided ships linger in the outfalls of rivers, little birds and animals talk like humans and roaming prophets and preachers utter words of divination, casting out evil spirits!

“Mythic Revolutions” unfolds in a special period of the World History, from 1770 to 1830, where stirring revolutions changed this planet’s fate. The Campaign starts with the dawning of the American Revolution followed by the French, the Napoleonic Years and the Spanish Resistance, the Bolivarian Campaña Admirable (Admirable Campaign) to liberate South America, the uprising of the Carbonari in Italy, Austalian colonization, conclude with the Greek Revolution and the setting of the Ottoman Empire.

History and fiction entangle in a wonderful narration in which historical facts become hooks for players to interact with while Role Playing becomes the vessel of ideas which will change the course of humanity!

The game consists of dozens Heroes evolve through Talents & Skills all bundled up in a realistic RPG setting.